Beam Me Up Scotty!  

Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Before William Shatner was telling you to name your own price he heading back to earth in Star Trek IV: The Voyage Home with a reborn Spock only to find a "Probe" was acoustically attacking the earth and destroying it at the same time. In their stolen Kilngon Bird of Prey the zoomed around the sun back in time to 1986 San Francisco. Let's pause here for dramatic effect. OKay... well now that Kirk and the crew are in the city and searching for the source of the "probes" attack, which we find to be Hump Back Whales. I would have chosen Blue Whales my self but Hump Backs I guess are the chosen ones. Anyway Scotty has to devise a means to transport The Whale, Bob and Bobbette or something like that, and all their water in the Bird of Prey "Back To The Future". NO NOT A Delorean. Scotty and Bones goes to a Plexiglas company and give them formula to make sheet of Plexiglas strong enough to hold the pressure of the water. Normal Plexiglas would have been 3 feet thick but Scotty gives the manufacture the formula to make it the same strength but only 1 & 1/2 inches. Amazing HUH????

So why did I feel like flashing back to 1986? Well FOXNews has a story on a new type of glass that is as strong as metal! They compared it to Wonder Woman's flying airplane. Ah the Lynda Carter and her magic lasso and her umm.... well you get the idea. Probably why I did not relate this blog to Wonder Woman, but I digress. I guess this new metallic glass means that kids will now feel free to use the rose bush in front of Mrs Blandersmears picture window for home plate and any birds flying into it might well want to start wearing crash helmets.

The only part where Kirk and his cronies messed up was they took an enviro-mental-ist to the future.

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Crude Bugs:  

Monday, June 16, 2008

Did you ever for one minute ever think you would power your car on poop? Well bug poop that is microscopic bugs created in a lab in silicon valley have been found to secrete crude oil as a waste product. Ten years ago never thought he would be involved in genetic engineering. A former software executive now director of LS9 one of many new high tech businesses that have gone where no man has gone before. LS9 is in the business of putting OPEC out of work. How do they do I don't know and honestly I am a little surprised that they didn't start bigger I mean a microbe that poops oil is cool and all but production is going to be a little slow. Just think what a cow could produce! But I digress LS9 says that their microbes live off rotting wood and wheat grass and then poop out the oil, but they need another month before they will have enough to fill the tank of a Lexus. Again why a Lexus why not an American made gas guzzler put it to a real test ya know. They also claim that the crude is carbon neutral. But to me this really is no great surprise that we have been able to accomplish what nature has already done. For example when I was in grade school I was taught oil is produced by the decaying matter of dinosaurs or trees or dead fish. That material oozes down beneath the surface of the earth and collects in vast underground chambers waiting for mankind to pump it up or it bubbles to the crust creating tarns wear unsuspecting tourist fall in and get stuck and the process start over. But maybe crude oil is just poop. Maybe there is a natural bug that eats all the nasty bio degradable animals and then just poops it out.

According to this site oil was created by plankton on undisturbed sea beds. So is every inch of our sea beds being disturbed last I checked we don't normally drag the ocean floors and scrape up every thing that's there. So doesn't it stand to reason that there are oil producing plankton deep on the sea floors pooping out oil to their hearts content. Maybe I'm wrong but then again science was never my strong point just common sense.

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