Give It To 'Em In Black & White  

Sunday, March 30, 2008

I was doing a search for Muppets on Youtube when I came across a video of Johnny Cash and Miss Piggy singing "Jackson" further search lead me to find Louis Armstrong and Johnny Cash singing the Blues. I love Louis and Johnny is not half bad either. Enjoy Louis & Johnny Yodeling.

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They Fly They Fall  

Wednesday, March 26, 2008

I found this article about a Russian farmer that was suing the Russian Space agency, Roskosmos.
He claims that a large chunk of rocket fell on his farm almost hitting his "out door bathroom" (that's an out house for all you country folk) he claims the rocket part almost destroyed part of his property. He is asking for 1million roubles. That's about $42,000. He will buy some sheep and a life time supply of pine scented air fresheners for his "out door bathroom" ( like the little tree car kind) to make him feel one with nature. Boris Urmatov and his neighbors say that it is common for parts to fall from the sky after a launch. The Roskosmos agency says it tries to warn local of launches so they can stay in doors.
"Technologically speaking, these parts are supposed to fall off during a launch. They fly, they fall, they fly, they fall. It's how they work," said Roskosmos spokesman Alexander Vorobyov.
Last I checked though a rickety out house is no match to a rocket that weighs thousands of pounds. However Boris feels that he suffered stress and deserves recompense. I guess i would be stressed too if I lived in a falling rocket zone maybe the government should put a yellow caution sign next to his out house. You know the kind they have by the side of a cliff that says "FALLING ROCK".

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Things That Make You GO DUH!  

Monday, March 24, 2008

Rush has a link to Dr Roy W. Spencer who has just released his book "Climate Confusion". I have only begun to break the through the layers of meteorological mumbo jumbo, but I get the feeling that the story line is something like the 7th Harry Potter Book. Lots of action, magic and love ( for Dr Spencer) after you read what he has to say. When it comes to weather I am not an expert but I've seen one on TV and I believe I stayed at a Holiday Inn Express at some point in my life. So I feel confident in saying that Dr Spencer has my vote for the next Nobel Peace Prize. If he can out to rest all the Algore wanabes out there then he deserves to win. I also have to give top marks to the Great Maja Rushy for providing this cannon fodder for our conversations with "Eco Maniacs" we encounter in day to day life. Use the force wisely my young padawans. Don't go over to the Global Warming Side.

On another fun note check out this article on a guy in Wichita Falls,TX that was pronounced brain dead after a 4 month comma he was released from the hospital and is now doing fine. He apparently heard the Doctor pronounce him dead and promptly woke up. I always like it when our fellow man can come back from the dead. For you Thriller fans check the side bar.

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What Do I Look Like With Hair?  

Thursday, March 20, 2008

I was asked today what I look like with hair. Most male heterosexual men will look on that question and either get offended or take the high road and joke and say "What do you mean I have no hair?" and every one laughs and the question is soon forgotten. Well not me! I neither take offense or make a joke. I give it to them straight. I used to look like Luke Skywalker (not after Mark Hamill's car accident but before), except I was twice the size and never could pull those Yoda carrying flips he was able to pull off in Return Of The Jedi. So since I have no imediate pictures of myself with hair I had to make do and pull one from the archives of me dressed like Huggy Bear for Halloween. I think I look better with no hair in both cases. More like Mr. Clean who hasn't gone to the gym in a few weeks.

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A Tribute to Pauch  

Saturday, March 15, 2008

When I first met the parents of then soon to be Mrs Smeag ( she didn't know it yet). I had dinner with the family. Isn't it strange that food is such a great way to break the ice. Maybe that's because whoever has food in their mouths does not have to divulge sensitive personal information. I had not learned this lesson yet so I did most of the "Answering" of the first time inquisition. The first question from her father was "So ,Dave can you sing, dance or play a musical instrument?" . I parried rather well I responded by saying " No sir I have no musical talent what so ever." I felt honest was the best policy because I knew if I had said yes then I would be performing before the night was over and I don't mean shadow puppets.His response back to me was shocking "Good, because neither do we and it's a prerequisit to joining the family."
Years later my friend and father to my wife got a email from a friend of some animated signing horses. He loved it for now he was able to at least conduct these magical singing beast to a symphony of harmonic beauty. Please email me if you want the link to it. Pauch this ones for you!

Powered by playZgame

(No Horses were injured, raced, or made into glue for the publishing of this Blog)

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Time To Shine  

Friday, March 14, 2008

Senate Approves Federal Budget That Would End Bush Tax Cuts

AP&Fox News
WASHINGTON — The Senate rejected calls from both parties' presidential candidates to take an election-year break from pork-barrel spending as a Democratic-run Congress passed budget plans that would torpedo hundreds of billions of dollars in tax cuts won by President Bush.

OK Republicans its time to shine this is where we came in on this circus two years ago. Read the whole story at FOX NEWS. Republicans threw out incumbent senators and congress men two years ago because they let a similar pork spending plan go through and then tried to justify spending money like a lottery winner at Wal-Mart. The dollar is going in the dump, the housing market is crumbling, and the stock market is like a roller coaster (one where your guaranteed to barf after eating too many corn dogs). We need to write, email phone whatever we can the president to VETO this spending Bill and make Congress send one up that is Pork free with regressive tax additives. The Fact is that Bushes tax cuts from 2001 still have not taken corporate taxes back to the pre Clinton era that was a precursor to the Boom we saw in before 2000.

Now before you go all freaky on me and scream I need a tax cut before Big Oil or Wal-Mart think about this? You are already getting a tax rebate. Wouldn't a raise be better? Think about the Loan widget company in Backwater USA that wants to increase production but cannot because it can't afford to hire another 3 workers they need to accomplish production goals. If they were to get a tax cut they could hire Juan, Julio and Bob. They then could land the $$$Million dollar order give existing workers a raise and guarantee the three new employs at least a spot in the three legged race at the company picnic in July.

The fact is many Americans do not understand basic economic politics. They think the government is made of money since they make the money. Well you have to have capital to back up the money you are making and right now we are borrowing money (according to the Libs). If we are borrowing so much money, why are they spending it? That is like trying to live off credit cards. It's great for the first 6 interest free months but then WHAM, next thing you know your eating Raman from your food storage and looking for a 2nd job at the KWIKI MART. Time to be Americans everyone let write the White House today and let W know its Hammer Time.

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Caught On Tape  

Tuesday, March 11, 2008

I was recently caught on tape in a small South American Village. The local villagers have just recently upgraded there entertainment systems to DVD and so have been throwing out their priceless VHS tapes. I love to collect Spanish versions of MASH and I Love Lucy. They also have killer tortillas so I like to sneak across the border an filch a couple for a nice cheesy quesadilla. I have to admit I had careful up till now, but I was not expecting to find several Youths gathered on a street corner in any remote South American Village. I think one of the kids likes to snow board since he is wearing a ski mask. Funny thing though it's summer down there now.

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To The Matresses:  

Thursday, March 6, 2008

This morning while scanning headlines I came across this one:

Man Dies When Wind Flips Mattress He Was Moving:
MOUNT JULIET, Tenn. — High winds are blamed for the death of a man who died when a mattress he was sitting on was blown off the back of a pickup truck.
Police said Doyle Smith, 42, a public works employee, was helping move the mattress Monday.
The wind flipped the mattress and Smith fell and hit his head on the road. He died at Maury Regional Hospital.
Mount Pleasant Police Chief Tom Wilson said the death would be classified as weather-related

courtesy Foxnews and Assoc Pres

Some times I have to wonder about the pres and their reporting. This story definitely lacks details. For instance was it a Queen , Full or twin mattress. Was it a spring,air or foam. If the Media is going to bring us these hard hitting article for public awareness we need more info. I for one always sit on a Full size mattress in the back of any pick up because I find it fits nicely between the wheel wells. Queens and Kings tend to angle up the side while you may think this provides a well placed cushion for leaning it definitely could catch the wind in a case like this making air time a guarantee. I guess the Associated Pres is kind of like a a Rap stars entourage. They have several hundred reporter's (not unlike rap lackeys) that are fresh out of college indoctrination and feel that they need to report on anything from cats up a tree to what Barrack Husein Obama had for breakfast. I have to say that the Founding Fathers really had Blogging and protesting in mind when they wrote the 1st amendment. Opinion should never be restricted, randoms acts of reporting on the other hand seem like mattress filling necessary but still just fluff.

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