Dear Senator Maverick McCain:  

Thursday, January 29, 2009

Please write you Senators about the 2009 nine Presidential spending plan. Find your Senator here: Here is my letter to Senator McCain, Senator Kyle's contact form seem to be overloaded.

Senator McCain,

Arizona is hopeful for a strong economy once again. As you know for years the Valley of the Sun has been one of the fastest growing Metropolitan areas in the country. The Presidents Stimulus package is not about growth,but about repaying those who got him elected. It is a transparent scheme to redistribute wealth. Arizonians from the founding of the territory to now have worked by the sweat of their brow to scrape a living out of the dessert and The President and the Liberals in Congress have disregarded hard work and American ingenuity for Government Welfare on a grand scale. Please stand with Arizonians and vote No on on such a large transfer of wealth Now is not the time for the Government to borrow more money and give it to those who have not earned it. It's time for Government to let Free thinking Americans turn this country around. People with innovation like the Wright Brothers, Thomas Edison & Henry Ford. None of these great men built up their businesses with taxpayer money but hard work and products that America needed. Senator McCain sometimes the Left has to cross over the isle to the right we can not throw away all our values and cross over to the left all the time.

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Thanks for Your Vote...Ummm I Mean Support...:  

Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Tonight Congress (well the Liberal Democrat) passed the "I just won the political lottery and I'm going to spend money like I'm going to Disneyland with a ship full of drunken sailors" Stimulus package today. The only thing this package is stimulating is the pockets of those who got Barry elected. Here's a list of what Socialist Republic of America just cashed a check for:

  1. $1 billion for Amtrak, the federal railroad that hasn’t turned a profit in 40 years

  2. 50 million for that great engine of job creation, the National Endowment for the Arts;

  3. $400 million for global-warming research

  4. $2.4 billion for carbon-capture demonstration projects.

  5. There’s even $650 million on top of the billions already doled out to pay for digital TV conversion coupons.

  6. $40 billion for broadband and electric grid development, airports and clean water projects that are arguably worthwhile priorities.

  7. $20 billion for business tax cuts

  8. The Department of Education gets a whopping $66 billion in this bill

  9. $335 million for sexually transmitted disease education and prevention programs at the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention

  10. Additional millions to groups like ACORN (aka we signed up The Dallas Cowboys to Vote in Ohio)

(see links for credit on info)

All in all about $554 BILLION will be spent on spending while only about $275 Billion in tax cuts for taxpayers and Businesses. Luckily all 177 Republicans and even 11 Democrats voted against the Spending Spree 2009 act. Regrettably 1 Republican had to leave early (it's unknown if he had a note from his Mommy to go home early or if he left for a valid reason). However you look at it the economy is going to go in the toilet unless of course you an artist, a teacher or road and bridge contractor. You could always teach STD prevention or install digital T.V. converter boxes...insert wire A in to Slot B... really. Let's face facts if you don't know much about how the economy works your going to think I'm just a right wing nut job. The thing about this "light bulb" inspired economic rape is that they think they are fooling anyone with a bit of sense. They are paying off their voters. Every bit of money being spent is going toward a Liberal Agenda driven idea. Extreme arts, Green Companies, Education, Infrastructure, Welfare recipients, etc ... Don't worry I think Joe Bidden is staying up late tonight to start printing more worthless money.

thanks to :

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Can Some One Please CHANGE The Baby's Diaper:  

Saturday, January 24, 2009

Really, if it's not enough that Rahm Emanuel was thumbing his nose at the other side of the isle of maybe W himself on inauguration day. Barry "The Barrack"Hussein Obama has told Congressional Members (who "SIT" on the right) that they need to stop listening to Rush Limbaugh if the they want to get along with him and the left. OK so that wasn't the exact quote but why bother when we all know what the meaning was behind it. It seems like a new Bully has come to town and has one of those Dad's (aka Bill Clinton) who tells them always throw the first punch, and when your dad confronts his dad....well lets just say there's a good chance they will end up on COPS (all subjects are Innocent until proven guilty in a court of law...Yea RIGHT!). But I digress. If Barry thinks he is endearing the right then he is just like the Bully who picked on the kid that had secretly been taking Karate lessons from the little old oriental guy down stairs and the Crane Kicks his nose into his skull.

I could go on all night with the references to Karate Kid and various other movies with a happy ending for the nerd,wuss or "victim" and the total demise for the Bully but here's a couple clips that just fit this situation.

Barry vs Rush Example #1

Barry vs Rush Example #2

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Their Heeeeeeeeere:  

Tuesday, January 20, 2009

The day has finally come the Liberals are now in charge of the country. Fear not we here at Listen to Precious have once again have high tech listening and video thing-a-ma-jiggers implanted in the White House before G.W. Bush left for the last time. So if anyone from the Secret Service is reading this don't worry these are passive devises for monitoring President Obama and ensure the public at large that the President is fulfilling his Constitutional Obligations (unlike the last Impeached Democrat President). we even offer a public live feed to a the first private meeting between President Obama and Vice President Biden and White House Chief of Staff Rahm Emanuel.

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Talk About A Hero:  

Friday, January 16, 2009

Yesterday US Air Ways Flight 1549 made a successful crash landing in in the Hudson river 3 minutes after take from LaGuardia Airport in New York City. The Hero of the moment is Captain Chesley B. Sullenberger III, a veteran US Airways pilot. I wasn't there so here are some quotes from some of the news stories about the event follow the links to read more:

"...In the minutes after takeoff, the pilot managed to maneuver past the skyscrapers of Manhattan and into the crowded Hudson River, even though the engines were disabled after apparently hitting a flock of geese. Passengers said the plane was vibrating violently and the cabin began to fill with smoke. To reach its splashdown spot, witnesses said the jet glided over the George Washington Bridge before plopping into the water...." ~The Wall Street Journal

"..Passenger Jeff Kolodjay of Norwalk, Conn., said he heard an explosion two or three minutes into the flight, looked out the left side of the Airbus 320 and saw one of the engines on fire."The captain said, `Brace for impact because we're going down,"' Kolodjay said. He said passengers put their heads in their laps and started saying prayers. He said the plane hit the water pretty hard, but he was fine....'' ~

This guy need to teach Wall Street how to be calm in troubled times!

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One Term Wonder:  

Monday, January 12, 2009

Imagine four years from now when everyone will look at each other and say "What's an Obama?" Fear not citizens the our ever watchful media watch poodle the New York Times has said publicly that Barry Hussein Obama end up being a One Term Wonder (see POLITICO story below). Barry will inevitably try to buy his new Presidency, however last time I check anyone working at Wal-Mart has nothing to do with building infrastructure, schools, roads and bridges. Barry will crank up the Treasury printing presses to pay for this and then proceed to raid your piggy banks to make up the difference. We at listen to precious have had spies in place since election time obtaining secret behind the scenes recordings of Obama cabinet meetings on how they plan to fix the economy.

NYT reporter warns of one-term Obama (from POLITICO)

White House reporters for The New York Times predict that the market collapse will force President-elect Barack Obama to abandon for now many of his campaign promises.If his stimulus plan "doesn’t work out, he may very well be a one-term president,” said Jeff Zeleny, who covered Obama’s campaign. “It’s hard to imagine that he could be reelected if the economy’s in the exact same position four years from now.”...

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Arizona Cardnials Did WHAT???  

Saturday, January 10, 2009

NFL 2009 Playoffs

Soaring Cardinals one game away from first Super Bowl berth ESPN
Associated Press
CHARLOTTE, N.C. -- The Arizona Cardinals were considered the softest team in the playoffs, unable to win far from home and carrying the scars of years of ineptitude....

Arizona Cardinals:33

North Carolina Panthers: 13

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Stop Humus Terrorist:  

Sunday, January 4, 2009

For those who may have thought the recent conflict in the Gaza strip was an advance by my secret army of Flying Monkeys. I will have to deny all rumors in that regard. I will say that I find the idea promising and just as soon I/ we can Bio-engineer Flying Monkeys I may take the liberty of invading somewhere. I am open for suggestions. In the mean time thanks to the vigilant digital Jawas over at "The Jawa Report" I came across this video of exactly why we need border security and why anyone who thinks the Humus Terrorist are being "oppressed" by the Israeli State should have a cup of Refreshing Lemonade poured over their head and made to stand under a bee hive.

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Dont Worry Be Happy:  

Saturday, January 3, 2009

Every Year at 12 am on Jan 1st everyone screams Happy New Year! But does anyone really try to have a Happy New Year... I think I always last until it's time to clean up from the previous night frivolities. It is so easy to get upset at all the every day to day junk going on this year I have decided to just be happy no matter what happens. I know it's kind of Polyannaish, but I think the Lord wants us to be happy. All the other junk in life is just there to distract us from our true purpose in life. So do things that make you happy. For the cynics out there I'm not talking about running down the street dressed in nothing but your underoos or anything like that but I mean helping others, family,friends, church,hard work (even if you work for morons) , do your best, take your kids to the park, paint a picture (even if you have to use your fingers). Just be happy and do things that will make others happy too.

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