I Got Schooled  

Saturday, September 29, 2007

I actually believed that I could at least place 3rd in the 1st annual rigged salsa fest . After I lost today I found out they changed the rules because it was too hard for the judges. Well it was pretty hard on me too I was hoping for the Miss Congeniality award at least. UGH! Oh well back to the chopping board I'll have to mix up my recipe for next year while I am plotting to to take over the world.

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Precious is on FIRE!  

Wednesday, September 26, 2007

I can't believe it the First Annual Graham County Salsa Festival, and I am entered in the amateur division along with a least three other people.I really love this town. They are trying so hard to do something and that's great. It didn't take much to get me to enter since I really do like salsa and to make salsa is so easy. Not to mention I learned a long time ago take any opportunity to shamelessly promote myself. Especially if its free cheap or down right fun. This involves at least 2 of the 3. I will definitely be sharing my experience with everyone and one day you too could be a world wide know salsa champ or loser. We'll see what happens.

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We Must Go Up!  

Saturday, September 22, 2007

Today my daughter and I drove to the top of Mt Graham. A gruelling winding road that at times hangs inches from a drop off. Despite the dangerous road conditions we prevailed and made it to the top and reached Riggs Lake took some pictures and saw nature up close. We saw a mule deer doe, a skunk lots of squirrels and my Samantha swears she saw a swallow tail butterfly. It was much fun you have to see it to believe how it just takes your breath away how high up you are from the desert floor. Remember only you can prevent forest fires.
... I had to take out the video.

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How Far Have We Come?  

Wednesday, September 19, 2007

I wonder when Liberals will truly learn to give credit where credit is due. I had the chance to view the new Matchbox Twenty video tonight named "How Far Have We Come". Hands down Matchbox is one of my favorite groups and I am really excited they are putting out another album but through the whole video they show clips of Conservative accomplishments. Kennedy during the Cold War( Yes he was a Democrat but Conservative), the Berlin wall coming down ( Thank You Ronald Regan), a free Poland, Ti en Na Men Square. Then clips of Woodstock, Live Earth, Barack Husein Obama, Hillary Clinton, Al Gore are all flashed at the end of the video. What does this mean? It means the Conservative in the world should have just left things as they were I guess, conservative really haven't accomplished all that much. After all the only people in the world who should really be free are Musicians, Artist, Hollywood Actors and their pool boys.How far have we come, honestly were backsliding. Never Forget.

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Terroist Come In All Sizes  

It's now midnight I don't knwo why I am up other than Trying to sleep would be like holding my breath for eight hours so I just want you all to enjoy the Mini Me clips. Scaled down terroist.

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Holy Busted Bunkers Batman!  

Monday, September 17, 2007

In this day and age of fanatical terrorism and 99.9% of the world hiding it's head in the sand it is always refreshing to see at least one countries' military have a back bone. On September 6th Israeli F-15I's streaked across the Syrian border to a fortified bunker located near the Iraq border and promptly gave it a new sky light. Syrian officials made no formal comment however according to TimesOnline the attack was on a bunker storing a recent shipment of nuclear material from North Korea. Kim Jung-il as you may have know has maintained that North Koreas Nuclear program is for energy sources only. Thanks to Bill Clinton though he was given a nuclear reactor capable of enriching weapons grade plutonium. Bill did you get those thank you cards we sent? I have to give credit to the JawaReport for the link here they are certainly on top of Terrorist reporting. According to the TimesOnline report the nuclear material was shipped in disguised as cement. As you know I live in Arizona a desert region of the United State last time I checked most of the cement we used is produced right here in Arizona why, because we have so much stinking rock,sand and dirt. Surprisingly to my highly inquisitive mind and doing the least amount of research possible I found out that Syria is in the desert too. Let's think maybe next time Kim-Dung il is going to FedEx his Nukes to a terrorist nation he should label them as Uncles Kims Frozen Dinners. Maybe CIA and Mossad agents would not notice but in the mean time we must give thanks that Terrorist nations usually do not promote original thought.

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Copy Cats- Puntin at it again!  

Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Valdimir "I'm too sexy" Putin is at it again. Apparently dissolving the"free government" of Russia and putting his own lapdog in as New Prime minister today was not enough he is once again Copying the USA. After his shirtless jaunt through the Russian out back we really wondered if Vlad had lost his mind. I mean after all when anyone just strips off their clothes to go run through the forest you've got to wonder about them. Now Vlad has had his white mad scientist copy the US Ar Force's MOAB
Obviously the Russian Naming Department was short staffed right before naming the bomb. You've got to admit that a nae like the Exterminator, the Widow Maker , or the Jihad Stopper are much cooler names than the Father of all Bombs(FOAB). Honestly if Vlad had come up with a naming contest or a anonymous drop box at KGB central the populace would have been a much better source for naming a weapon rather than some white coat lab rat who probably hasn't seen the light of day since grad school.

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My Pet Precious  

Thursday, September 6, 2007

This is Tank, Tank is a Italian Greyhound. Yes Tank is fully grown he is about 18 inches high. Of course Mrs Smeag lovably refers to him as PITA ( Pain In The Asphalt). Tank apparently was bite by a large ant or something today, but the Vet gave him a pill and he is OK. You can't help but look at Tank as a Pet Precious because he thinks everyone was simply put on the earth to feed him cheese and scratch his ears. Honestly I think he needs a girlfriend, but Tank has no interest in the female persuasion at all or any persuasion for that matter. Tank appears to be neutral in that are of the birds and the bees. I'm sure the Dr Freud would have to say it had something to do with his mom. Never the less Tank is our precious.

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Unidentified Precious  

Wednesday, September 5, 2007

Ok so I haven't posted in a while , don't worry there is a reason and it's a good one. I was recently swimming when I noticed a tiny green spider holding fast to the buoy on the pool cleaner.I have been searching the World Wide Web for the last several days trying to figure out what kind of spider it was. However the photo I took looked something like a photo of a UFO or Bigfoot. My meager attempts at editing the picture to "unblurr" it failed miserably.

This little fellow was a just like Tom Hanks in cast away every time a wave would wash over him he would lift himself up a get right back on the buoy. Minus the beard, strange leather/ former Madonna costume loin cloth and ice skate ax. Just a foot note I always pack both when traveling over seas. I left the little Chupacabra' floating where he was I figured he has plenty of water and the pool boy should be around to rescue him in a day or two. Raul keeps going on about wanting to be a life guard. After exhaustive research with Google image I determined this was a crab spider not a UFO, Bigfoot or Tom Hanks (probably a new PIXAR story here though).

You may ask yourself whether there is any point here and I would really have to say NO there is not other than the fact that I really could not function as a committed Blogger unless I found out what I was looking at here. At least I did not chop the head off and keep it for DNA study as Phylis Canion of Texas did with a reported Chupacabra . All I can say is EW.

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