The Phone Cops Are Coming:  

Saturday, November 29, 2008

What would have the late 70's and early '80 been like with out WKRP in Cincinnati. BORING! Nothing but long lines at fuel pumps , bad Brady Bunch episodes and Jimmy Carter in the White house. What would a little chubby smeag look forward to after a day of wearing Corduroy pants and turtle neck way too tight. I started more fires and got more looks than Smokey Bear smoking cigars in a Bikini. My point is that WKRP was a hoot, we talked about it for week until the next episode aired. Some of the best acting ever on television was on WKRP. What brought on this case of nostalgia you ask well a TV station in Cincinnati has changed it's call letters to guesses it WKRP. Fox has the story here.
For those to young to appreciate it here's the gist of it at wikipedia:

-Andy Travis ( Gary Sanders) who brought Rock n' Roll to a sleepy little AM station.
-Arthur Carlson (Gordon Jump) "the Big Guy" who gave us all reason to think our bosses wear as inept as we thought they were.
-Dr. Johnny Fever (Howard Hesseman) who brought "drugged out paranoia" into comedy.
-Les Nessman (Richard Sanders) probably responsible for cubicles.
-Jennifer Marlowe(Loni Anderson) nuff said.
-Herb Tarlek ( Frank Bonner) the reason we don't trust salesmen.
-Venus Flytrap (Tim Reid) who made us all wan't to stay up late.
-Bailey Quarters(Jan Smithers) the Mary and to to Jennifer as Ginger.
-Mrs. Carlson (Carol Bruce) the reason some men still live in their mom's basement.

The best episode that can sum up WKRP in Cincinnati is an Episode entitled "An Explosive Affair". The station has received a bomb threat and Johnny and Venus have been sent out to the transmitter in the country to keep the station on the air. Hilarity ensues.

This clip is a little long but stay with's worth it.

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Floats, Floating, Floated:  

Wednesday, November 26, 2008

I'm lazy by nature. I know shocking! So even when I was young I always wanted to sleep in on Thanksgiving Morning. Mainly it was due to the warm bed in a cold house and wonderful smells of the turkey my Mom got up at 3 am to put in the oven so it would be ready by the early afternoon. She always cook a fairly large bird because we loved left over turkey, cold turkey sandwiches, turkey soup, turkey pot pie and just turkey for weeks after words. However my plans to sleep in always seemed to be thwarted by Mom (if she was up we were) . The attraction for getting up was to watch the Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade. My mom always loved seeing the marching bands, and the Rockettes. My favorite was the Character Balloons and of course the Floats. I was always amazed that these magical mobile islands could maneuver down the tight streets of New York with out hitting anyone or anything. As I got older though I learned that didn't use to be th case. The original balloons used in 1928 were filled with helium and for the finale the balloons were released to float free, unfortunately due to design flaws the Balloons burst. The following year the balloons were redesigned and allowed to float free. Tags were sewn into the Balloons and prizes were awarded to those that returned them.

  1. In 1986, a Raggedy Ann balloon crashed into a lamppost and sent a lamp into the street. The same injuries.
  2. In 1993, The Sonic the Hedgehog balloon crashed into a lamppost at Columbus Circle and injured an off-duty police officer.
  3. In 1994, the Barney balloon tore its side on a lamppost, but no one was injured.
  4. In 1995, the Dudley the Dragon balloon that was leading the parade was speared and deflated on a lamppost and showered glass on the crowd below.
  5. In 1997, high winds pushed the Cat in the Hat balloon into a lamppost. The falling debris struck a parade-goer, fracturing her skull and leaving her in a coma for a month. Size rules were implemented the next year, eliminating larger balloons like the Cat in the Hat. The same high winds also caused the New York Police to stab and stomp down the Barney balloon over crowd concerns. They also stabbed a Pink Panther balloon for the same reason. Neither balloon actually caused any injuries.
  6. In 2005, the M&M's chocolate candies balloon caught on a streetlight in Times Square. Two sisters were struck by falling debris, suffering minor injuries. As a result, new safety rules were introduced. Those rules came in handy for the 2006 parade, as balloons were lowered because of rain and high winds. The M&M's balloon was retired after 2006, and replaced by a float saluting Broadway theatre and musicals.
  7. In 2006, the low-flying Spongebob balloon caught on a lamppost in Herald Square, but no injuries were reported. Spectators chanted "Free Spongebob!", cheering once a police officer and a concerned father released him. year, a Superman balloon had its hand torn off by a tree. Neither incident caused any

Today I will be sleeping in, the parade really doesn't hold much fancy for me anymore much of it is watching Hollywood stars try to sing (any song) , and they really have no business singing in the first place i.e. William Shatner, funny as all get out but voice like nails on a chalk board.

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A Good Thanksgiving Story:  

Saturday, November 22, 2008

Gristmill on the Plymouth River (still in operation)

While recapping Rush Limbaugh today I came across an article written in the LA Times that describes what the 1st Thanksgiving is was really about. I lived in Massachusetts for 3 yrs as a teenager/ semipro break dancer/ forest commando.I learned allot about the Pilgrims while in my early youth and I have a lot of esteem for them as one of my ancestors was John Howland and Elizabeth Tilly both who were on the Mayflower. John even fell over board during the crossing,luckily he was able to grab hold of a rope and climb back aboard. The Pilgrims had a harsh first year at Plymouth, their first experience in the New World was on the tip of Cape Cod which is nothing but sand dunes. John Howland and Edward Tilly (Elizabeth's 1st husband) and a few others sailed up the coast looking for a suitable place to settle.

The first winter there was spent in little more than crude huts and they scraped a meager living from the soil. In the years that followed the Pilgrims moved from communal living to a society based on hard work and self reliance.

Squanto, a Patuxet Native American who resided with the Wampanoag tribe, taught the Pilgrims how to catch eel and grow corn and served as an interpreter for them (Squanto had learned English as a slave in Europe and travels in England). The Pilgrims set apart a day to celebrate at Plymouth immediately after their first harvest, in 1621. At the time, this was not regarded as a Thanksgiving observance; harvest festivals were existing parts of English and Wampanoag tradition alike. Several colonists have personal accounts of the 1621 feast in Plymouth, Massachusetts.

Needless to say I am quite proud of my heritage and thankful for all that I have today because they and others like them help build a country based on freedom, not tyranny or welfare. May you all have a wonderful Thanksgiving.

Plymouth Harbor & The Mayflower

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Space The Final Frontier....  

Tuesday, November 18, 2008

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Bill-Agains Island:  

Saturday, November 15, 2008

Joe Bidden as the Skipper and

Barry Hussein Obama as his Little Buddy

Welcome you to

apologies to Bob Denver and Alan Hale for having to be the body doubles.

***UPDATE****Hillary Clinton to take Secretary of State position

I did a little investigative reporting. After discovering the Barry "the Hussein" Obama had chosen for his White House Chief of Staff none other than Rom Emanuel, the former Senior Advisor to the President(Bill Clinton) for Policy and Strategy , who also went on to become a Congress man for Illinois 5th district. Change is so in the wind....NOT. Just so you know who is going to be running the White House over the next four years I went through the list of Barry's Transition team it's a pretty interesting list of "FORMER POSITIONS":

Obama-Biden Transition Project

Rom Emanuel: Obama's Chosen Chief of Staff :former Senior Advisor to the President(Bill Clinton) for Policy and Strategy
John Podesta: Former White House Chief of Staff- To Bill Clinton
Valerie Jarrett: Deputy Chief of Staff for Mayor Richard Daley (read about Daley)
Peter Rouse: Chief of Staff, Senator Barack Obama & chief of staff to former Senate Democratic Leader Tom Daschle (D-SD) for nineteen years

Advisory Board Members

Carol Browner :Administrator of the Environmental Protection Agency Appointed by Bill Clinton

William Daley: Served as Us Secretary of Commerce appointed by Bill Clinton

Christopher Edley, Jr. :He served as an advisor to President Clinton's One America Initiative also married to Maria Echaveste, former deputy chief of staff for U.S. President Bill Clinton.

Michael Froman: Treasury Deputy Assistant Secretary for Eurasia and the Middle East during the Clinton Administration January 1997 -July 1999

Julius Genachowski :served as a law clerk to U.S. Supreme Court Justice David Souter

Donald Gips: United States Vice President Al Gore's Chief Domestic Policy Advisor

Mark Gitenstein:Chief Counsel (1987–1989) and Minority Chief Counsel (1981–1987) to the United States Senate Committee on the Judiciary

Edward Kaufman: Former Chief of Staff, Senator Joseph Biden

Janet Napolitano:Napolitano was appointed by President Bill Clinton as United States attorney for the District of Arizona (nuff said I could go on here)

Federico Peña: United States Secretary of Transportation from 1993 to 1997 and United States Secretary of Energy from 1997 to 1998, during the presidency of Bill Clinton.

Susan Rice :served on the National Security Council and as Assistant Secretary of State for African Affairs during the second Bill Clinton administration , from October 1997 until January 20, 2001

Sonal Shah: Read her Wiki Page here (not good)

Yes the very same people that help Bill Clinton destroy the economy are back in the house. These people are some of those that worked for a President that took Illegal Campaign Donations from the Chinese, spent 8 years in Iraq dodging anti-aircraft missile, bombed aspirin factories in Afghanistan saying they were tracking down Osama Bin Laden, shut down oil production in the USA, Hillary Care, and much much more .....NOW THEY'RE BACK. I know it sounds like a bad late night info-mercial for elevator music. Don't worry folk we're still getting CHANGE it's just back to the way it was during the Clinton years, maybe minus White House Interns.

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Hope For Change:  

Wednesday, November 12, 2008

I recently discovered Google's Business section in Google news. It has great stuff about current business and also a cool chart that you can look at the Market and see it's history. On Jan 20 2007 the Democrats took control of the Congress and the Senate. Since that time the Dow climbed to a record high of 14093.08 on October 12 2007. Just remember that according to the Constitution ( I know its not like anyone reads it but here it is) All legislative Powers herein granted shall be vested in a Congress of the United States, which shall consist of a Senate and House of Representatives. Meaning that Congress writes the laws that govern the country all the President can do when it comes to Congress is ask them to write law. The current economic crisis is under there watch. Do not let any Liberal tell you that it is George Bush's fault. They have failed to cut taxes, deal with energy and stay out of the way of Capitalism. There are some Republicans that we can thank for this too, but there's only so much room under the bus.

Check of the Economy yourself :

Just Remember that in two years this will start all over again and in two years a Donkey left in a China shop can do lots of damage!
Apparently I wasn't invited to this poll :(

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Mourning Time:  

Tuesday, November 11, 2008

I know everyone who reads this will completely understand when I say, I'm sure glad that's over! It's been one week since the election and after a major overhaul here at LTP I have settled on mourning black for my current mood with politics However I think you will soon see the bright side of it all. Barry will stay true to his socialist views and truly pull off his mask. Too bad even Homer couldn't get it right.

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100 Strange Posts On The Wall:  

Thursday, November 6, 2008

In August of 2007 I turned to the blogging world as a way to express my inner feelings and thoughts. Who would have thought I would have had sooooo MANY! This is my Historical 100th post. During the next 4 years as your beloved leader I pledge to do the following:

  • Create new jobs or the homeless by handing out blank cardboard and magic markers.

  • Not make more the $250,000 to avoid future Obama tax increases.

  • To ensure that every American has a least one free chance at winning the Monopoly Game at McDonald's, by not super sizing my orders.

  • Help spread the wealth by buying the next season of CSI:Miami as soon as it come out and watch the commercial free DVD's

  • Provide everyone who post a comment in the next a 24hrs a free Glazed Krispy Kreme doughnut (simply walk in and ask for one to go).

  • Never will I take campaign contributions from foreign nationals or nationals.

  • My word is my bond (well maybe not the whole cardboard sign thing) we will prevail! promises to always give credit where credit is due. Probably why you won't find us giving credit to out new President. Thank you all for reading,laughing, crying and generally going insane with the "CHANGING" world.

    Government is not the solution to our problem. Government is the problem. ~Ronald W. Regan

    Circle the Wagons and Fill the Sand Bags the Liberals are Here! ~Col.Smeag ( Beloved Leader of Smeagtopia )

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    It's Not Over Untill The Last Vote Is Counted  

    Tuesday, November 4, 2008

    Fox News is calling the race for Barry. Can't see how since Florida is not reporting in and Ohio and Pennsylvania could be under dispute. Don't give up just becasue the media wants to cave while there's still seats in the White Hous Press Room.
    Wow that was fast, MCCAIN YOU WUSS!

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    Today is the day that will determine who will lead the country for the next 4 years. You must choose wisely. So vote McCain.

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    Jack In The Blog:  

    Sunday, November 2, 2008

    I just wanted to show everyone the Jack-O-Lantern that we carved. We tried to make it look real "happy", but of course I think all Jack-O-Lanterns look happy. It's hard to make a gourd scary.

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