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Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Today unfortunately I saw the current leader of the "free"mother Russia with out a shirt on(pause for gag reflex). This lead me to think hmm what on earth is this former Communist/Head of the KGB leader thinking. By all means any red blooded American Man loves to walk around in nothing but his shorts a maybe a pair of flip flops. But to be frank our leaders have better sense, even Billy Bob Clinton ( aka swinger blade) had a tank top on when dancing with Hilary(aka Shera). Hairy back or not at least you only lost lunch instead of your breakfast too. Being locked in an Artic freezer like Moscow certainly must prevent one from joining a tanning salon or maybe getting a rub down by Olga with a tanning agent. Don't let this man fool you he wants the Iron Curtain back, and maybe we should let him if it's going to prevent photos like this from getting out. This is just another good reason for Capitalism, without out it we would not have Photo Shop. Maybe he's just raising money for Russian Fashion designers, maybe this is a Russian runway fashion show. Maybe I should think about ditching the loin cloth and go with the topless camo look.

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