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Sunday, August 26, 2007

I often times scroll through web pages you may refer to as "News" . Lately I have noticed I get more real news from other Blogs than the actual News companies. Check out Fox News web site we find out Owen Wilson was taken drugs an tried to kill himself (he's OK) I've seen the article for Miss Teen USA for the Last 3 days , Greece is on FIRE. Prince Charles 2nd not so royal wife is not going to another memorial for Princes Diana ( yes another one) Brittney Spears needs love... again. Finally the Treasury Dept apprehended a man passing fake $100 to strippers for tips ( maybe that's all they deserved) but I digress. How on earth can these people the News Media call themselves reporters when all they "report'" are things we already know. Don't get me wrong I like Fox News over everyone else however all I want to know is where is the news. Where are the stories that matter. Like this story about a whale that met its end on a Japanese whaling boat they pulled Willy in and carved him up right in front a boat full of whale watching tourist. I didn't know Oprah was doing a show from sea. Ugh I know I am ranting but I tell you these thoughts of mine so that you may learn wisdom. Don't for one second believe what you see in the mass media is crucial to your daily life. The only real news that does us any good would be about maybe a bank robber on the loose and we should stay in our bunkers and fill up more sand bags. I guess I have a hard time when the news is mainly about people who spend 50% of there lives pretending to be other people. I like Owen Wilson I hope he gets the help he needs but is it BREAKING NEWS, I don't think so it's a page 6 below the fold story. Let's start our own news service right here. comment with a link to your most favorite news story of the day and lets see if we can have a much brighter view on the news.

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