I've Got A Plan!  

Tuesday, October 2, 2007

After a day like today I have decided to take over the world. Why? I don't know it's like pulling a loose string on a sweater, it's there. Anyway I'll need some help. Here's a list of what I need to become the "Supreme Galactic Commander" (OK so I set the bar high sue me).
1: 3 Advil- I am for sure going to get a headache
2: 400 chickens
3: 6 rubber bands
4: 9 avocados- I'll get hungry
5: 14 ski masks -You know the ones with Snoopy on them
6: 6 rolls of quarters
7: 25 illegal immigrants- They'll be legal after I'm done so their not really illegal
8: 10 pairs of clown shoes
9: Leonard Nemoy ( I need a spokes person William Shatner is working for priceline.com)
10: A LASER Beam

I should be able to open Smeagtopia by the year 2038 if I can get all this together. Our national theme will be "If you don't here voices you don't belong" Let me know what you can do to help.

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