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Monday, February 4, 2008

Today I am declareing my choice for the Next President of theUnited States of America...Mitt Romeny. He truly understands the hard choices that the Moderate and Liberal persons of this country have been unwilling to make since the Gipper left for his Ranch in California. Both the Bushes and even a Republican Congress FAILED to act Conservative. It took a National tragedy to get a decient tax cut. Lets face it the trickle down theory is a fact. Whenever coprorations get a large tax cut tax revenue goes up,wages go up because Coporations have m ore money to spend. They don't spend it on research and CEO's will get those multi million dollar bonuses regardless of a tax cut. Having more spending power at the individual level is the only way an economy is stimulated. Raising taxes only halts growth.

Just some basic economics for all you McCain Lovers and Huckabots out there. If i were to make $10 mill this year and taxes for individuals that make over $10 mil are rasied for next year. And I am project $20 or $30 Million the next year I probaly won't bother making it, and the reason is that at the $10mill mark I get to keep more of my money. And I won't have to work as hard.

Millionares don't worry about how much they make as how much they get to keep. Don't I know I probably did not explain this too well as I am going off High School level economics which most of you slept through. You may ask yourself too, if the good Colonel is going to take over the world what need do I have of a Presidente' well lets jsut say even Dr Evil had a #2.

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  • Amy
    February 4, 2008 at 10:33 PM  

    I can't wait for Mitt to beat McCain in AZ. Too bad AZ couldn't vote before Super Tuesday...it might have sent a pretty clear message to the rest of the states.
    It may not happen, but I think there's a good chance.

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