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Monday, March 24, 2008

Rush has a link to Dr Roy W. Spencer who has just released his book "Climate Confusion". I have only begun to break the through the layers of meteorological mumbo jumbo, but I get the feeling that the story line is something like the 7th Harry Potter Book. Lots of action, magic and love ( for Dr Spencer) after you read what he has to say. When it comes to weather I am not an expert but I've seen one on TV and I believe I stayed at a Holiday Inn Express at some point in my life. So I feel confident in saying that Dr Spencer has my vote for the next Nobel Peace Prize. If he can out to rest all the Algore wanabes out there then he deserves to win. I also have to give top marks to the Great Maja Rushy for providing this cannon fodder for our conversations with "Eco Maniacs" we encounter in day to day life. Use the force wisely my young padawans. Don't go over to the Global Warming Side.

On another fun note check out this article on a guy in Wichita Falls,TX that was pronounced brain dead after a 4 month comma he was released from the hospital and is now doing fine. He apparently heard the Doctor pronounce him dead and promptly woke up. I always like it when our fellow man can come back from the dead. For you Thriller fans check the side bar.

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