A Tribute to Pauch  

Saturday, March 15, 2008

When I first met the parents of then soon to be Mrs Smeag ( she didn't know it yet). I had dinner with the family. Isn't it strange that food is such a great way to break the ice. Maybe that's because whoever has food in their mouths does not have to divulge sensitive personal information. I had not learned this lesson yet so I did most of the "Answering" of the first time inquisition. The first question from her father was "So ,Dave can you sing, dance or play a musical instrument?" . I parried rather well I responded by saying " No sir I have no musical talent what so ever." I felt honest was the best policy because I knew if I had said yes then I would be performing before the night was over and I don't mean shadow puppets.His response back to me was shocking "Good, because neither do we and it's a prerequisit to joining the family."
Years later my friend and father to my wife got a email from a friend of some animated signing horses. He loved it for now he was able to at least conduct these magical singing beast to a symphony of harmonic beauty. Please email me if you want the link to it. Pauch this ones for you!

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(No Horses were injured, raced, or made into glue for the publishing of this Blog)

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