A Ton Of Bricks:  

Saturday, May 31, 2008

Have you ever felt like a ton of brick just fell from the sky at some random point in your journey in life and landed smack dab on top of your noggin? This weekend is the "final" garage sale for the Mrs' mom who is moving out of her house. We accomplished a feat that I think was near impossible. Take 35 years worth of accumulated hoch ( that's junk to you out side the family Smeag) and either sell it, trash it, give it away or store it. I am grateful to say that we successfully got mucho dinero' for the majority of it and several scrapes, bumps pulled muscles and raging headaches in the process. The accumulated hoch is now located in a concealed bunker in a top secret location that conveniently charges a nominal fee for access. If I told you were it was at I would have to kill you, I mean like go spider monkey on ya.

Oh now that the heat has been turned up in the dessert southwest we have butted about the idea of having our own garage sale to try and recompensed ourselves for travel time, labor and general self satisfaction of being able to stand in the garage and see the floor. Stay tuned I may be sending out a may-day for a gallon of Gatorade and a moist towelette.

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