Rain Drops Are Falling On My Head?  

Friday, July 11, 2008

When is the last time you had a average temperature in the Arizona desert of 85 degrees? Say over the last two week. Rain is so wonderful in the dessert its not cold, its not hot it's just right. It does seem to make me need to wear a hat however. Bald guys and rain don't mix too well. Rain seems to roll right off into my eyes. Kind of like the first drop on a roller coaster. As I sit here now we are having a nice down pour 2-3 inches it seem, water was pouring off the roof looked like a miniature Niagara falls. Summer monsoon season in Arizona has been a little different this year. typically we get brief roaring, thunderous storms rolling across the dessert floor like waves pounding the rocks. This year we seem to have more tropical like weather, small rain showers mixed with a few thunder storms. Certainly enough thunder and lighting to make my dogs tail reach so far between his legs I've started wondering if he ever had one. So anyone looking for cooler nice weather let me know I certainly tell you where it is.

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