Thomas Jefferson Is Helping Barry Win The WHite House:  

Thursday, October 23, 2008

In the LA Times Blog section today is a post on how Barry Hussein Obama wants $10 from each of his supporters. So far to date Barry has collected $605 million and he needs another $10 from everyone. What happened to spreading the wealth around. Seems to me that the only people that Barrack is spreading the wealth around to are the Owners of TV,Radio,Newspaper, and other various advertising agencies. Last report he was paying his female workers less than there male counterparts. Fact is that after the election he can donate all he wants to Democrat party or keep it himself for any re-election bids.

John McCain on the other hand has only a paltry $84 million because he took public financing money to run for office. Unfortunately this is due to a law he wrote. DOH! In order for Barry to actually use all the money he has right now he will need to spend $12.5 million everyday until election day. I hope some one is watching after the election to see what really happens to all that money. Then again what am I talking about this is the Government we're talking about here right we can trust them?????

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