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Wednesday, February 25, 2009


I know I haven't posted in a while however I find my self still speechless on the current crisis in America. Sometimes I think to my selves ," Does it really matter anymore?". Unfortunately they all answer "YES!". If your like any other human bean you have a point where you just want to run to your man cave and watch TV until it gets better, however the better person has to say something. Especially when that something is about dark paths that only lead to a hungry wolf in sheep's clothing. Admit it! Inside we are all good people, at last we were born that way. We all have spirits that came from the same Heavenly Father and we commanded to love our neighbor. I do really I do love my neighbor that's why I get htis sick feeling when all 300 million of them act like idiots. I mean idiots in the kindest way really. If you were to take the time to do the math you would find roughly 11% of the American population voted for the"Barrack" and about 9.5- 10% voted for McLame. That's about 20% of Americans deciding what the other 80% will do. As W said that's Fuzzy Math.

How did we become such a complacent society? Personally I think TV played a big part. Not that TV isn't a good thing. It provides a way to communicate mass amounts of information to the public for almost no cost to them. What I mean is that people pick the easy path to follow in informing them selves. Such as getting news from John Stewart or Saturday night live and actually thinking it matters who wears what at the Oscars. I mean really every year the show Goldie Hahn and she looks more and more like the Joker from Batman. Of course I can't think what she's wearing because I cringe looking at her. (I'm just sayin...). Why do we really care about a bunch of people who spend their lives pretending to be other people. Really I like entertainment. for example I like Matt Damon , George Clooney and a few others but every time they stop being lovable characters and just be their own little selves the sound like dancing monkeys with the tin cups out for spare change. The same goes for politicians lets face it the campaign trail is one big stage. Sigh maybe I can still take over a small third world country or Island and build a wall and invite all the oil companies to base there operations out of there, I'll only need to charge them a 10th of the taxes they pay now.

Anyone know how to apply for a block grant for small green bloggers?

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