Crawling From The Cave  

Thursday, August 9, 2007

OK so unlike the rest of the world I don't already have a Blog. As I am now transplanted into South East Arizona and have nothing else to do other than become a notable land baron I've decide to share my thoughts with the world at large. Mainly I have my wife to blame for this. She is my blogging Queen. Some who read this will know who I am , you other unknowns in the Bloggosphere will have to just be patient. I'm sure this sudden urge to divulge the workings of my mind will pass or at least make sense to a professional psychotherapist at some point but I hope that what I share will relieve you of any wanted stress or boredom with daily life after all if we can't laugh at life now and then we all end in a padded room with our arms firmly secured to our spine and recited verses from " I Feel Pretty"... I heard a quote from Ben Franklin today and realized that he was the original Blogger aka 'Mrs. Silence Dogood' . I'm sure Ben would be proud of all us free thinkers.

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