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Sunday, August 12, 2007

Jobs I've had:
1. The Fry guy for a 50's style dinner ( No glory and riches though)
2. Mobile home repair guy/ Roofer 2 summers (Great tan no riches)
3. Painter in a Paint Booth (if you call rainbow boogies glory then check it off the list)
4. Screen printer ( I still have nightmares about stockings)
5.Wood shop production assistant ( I was the only one to speak English)
6. Bill Collector ( enough said)
7. A RE/MAX Realtor (glory and riches within reach)

1. San Diego- The list just keeps going of things to do
2. Disneyland- I like California Adventure less crowded
3. Multnomah Falls- The whole Columbia river gorge is amazing
4 Boston

Movies I put on repeat:
1. Knights Tale

2. Michael
3. All the Oceans movies
4. 5th Element- Big badaboom

Guilty pleasures:
1. Cookies and milk
2. Haircuts that last longer than 5 minutes ( oh those were the days)

Places I've lived:(in order)
1. Lots of places in Orange County including Anaheim 1 block from Disneyland
2. San Diego
3. Camp Pendelton,CA
4. Memphis,TN
5. Camp Pendelton , CA again
7. Otis Air force base - Cape Cod, MA
8. Fallbrook, CA.
9. My Grandmothers single wide in Los Angeles
10. Corona,CA
11. Mississippi, Louisiana, Arkansas -Mission
12. Phoenix,Mesa, AZ
13. Thatcher,Az ( There's more than 13 because of the Orange County years)

Places I've been on holiday:
1. Disney World
2 Disneyland
3 San Antonio
4 Every state park and land mark between the east and west coast we could hit growing up.

Favorite foods:
1. BBQ- pork ribs, pork , brisket
2 Mexican Food
3 Steak

First kiss locations:
1. Some where in eight grade.
2 Trying to put up a Christmas tree.

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1 comments: to “ Tagged but not Bagged

  • Molly
    August 13, 2007 at 8:01 AM  

    Thanks for playing Smeag! I almost put Fith Elemant on my list, but there are just too many good movies out there. You are one funny guy... stockings and haircuts... LOL!

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