Stop The Music  

Sunday, August 12, 2007

It's Sunday of course and Sunday's are a good day for naps. Let's face it we all need naps some us do it while watching reruns of the Master's from 1972 or bowling. However naps have a few rules to them which are not written (until now). First naps should be taken on the couch, a nap in a bed is not the same, you just can never seem to get the correct kink in your neck on a bed that you get on the couch. Second a good nap needs to be done while you do something else such as watching sports, in my case reading. I admit it I like to read but on Sunday afternoons I only get through one or two pages before I'm curled in a fetal position drooling. During today's nap I had a dream (no group hug involved, sorry) in my dream I was going on a trip, I had to be at the spaceport at 3am in the morning and the car was acting up, the stereo was out and I had a little CD player in the front seat riding shotgun. I got to the space port and parked my car. The hood of the car popped up so I shut off the CD player and went to see what the problem with the car was. As I was hopelessly starring at the engine trying to deduce the problem I heard the same music playing that was in the car but I new that I had shut off the player. I looked around trying to figure out where It was coming from but I woke up. So now I am scared the CD player is going to go out in my car. Wouldn't that just end it all.

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