Holy Busted Bunkers Batman!  

Monday, September 17, 2007

In this day and age of fanatical terrorism and 99.9% of the world hiding it's head in the sand it is always refreshing to see at least one countries' military have a back bone. On September 6th Israeli F-15I's streaked across the Syrian border to a fortified bunker located near the Iraq border and promptly gave it a new sky light. Syrian officials made no formal comment however according to TimesOnline the attack was on a bunker storing a recent shipment of nuclear material from North Korea. Kim Jung-il as you may have know has maintained that North Koreas Nuclear program is for energy sources only. Thanks to Bill Clinton though he was given a nuclear reactor capable of enriching weapons grade plutonium. Bill did you get those thank you cards we sent? I have to give credit to the JawaReport for the link here they are certainly on top of Terrorist reporting. According to the TimesOnline report the nuclear material was shipped in disguised as cement. As you know I live in Arizona a desert region of the United State last time I checked most of the cement we used is produced right here in Arizona why, because we have so much stinking rock,sand and dirt. Surprisingly to my highly inquisitive mind and doing the least amount of research possible I found out that Syria is in the desert too. Let's think maybe next time Kim-Dung il is going to FedEx his Nukes to a terrorist nation he should label them as Uncles Kims Frozen Dinners. Maybe CIA and Mossad agents would not notice but in the mean time we must give thanks that Terrorist nations usually do not promote original thought.

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