Copy Cats- Puntin at it again!  

Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Valdimir "I'm too sexy" Putin is at it again. Apparently dissolving the"free government" of Russia and putting his own lapdog in as New Prime minister today was not enough he is once again Copying the USA. After his shirtless jaunt through the Russian out back we really wondered if Vlad had lost his mind. I mean after all when anyone just strips off their clothes to go run through the forest you've got to wonder about them. Now Vlad has had his white mad scientist copy the US Ar Force's MOAB
Obviously the Russian Naming Department was short staffed right before naming the bomb. You've got to admit that a nae like the Exterminator, the Widow Maker , or the Jihad Stopper are much cooler names than the Father of all Bombs(FOAB). Honestly if Vlad had come up with a naming contest or a anonymous drop box at KGB central the populace would have been a much better source for naming a weapon rather than some white coat lab rat who probably hasn't seen the light of day since grad school.

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