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Wednesday, September 5, 2007

Ok so I haven't posted in a while , don't worry there is a reason and it's a good one. I was recently swimming when I noticed a tiny green spider holding fast to the buoy on the pool cleaner.I have been searching the World Wide Web for the last several days trying to figure out what kind of spider it was. However the photo I took looked something like a photo of a UFO or Bigfoot. My meager attempts at editing the picture to "unblurr" it failed miserably.

This little fellow was a just like Tom Hanks in cast away every time a wave would wash over him he would lift himself up a get right back on the buoy. Minus the beard, strange leather/ former Madonna costume loin cloth and ice skate ax. Just a foot note I always pack both when traveling over seas. I left the little Chupacabra' floating where he was I figured he has plenty of water and the pool boy should be around to rescue him in a day or two. Raul keeps going on about wanting to be a life guard. After exhaustive research with Google image I determined this was a crab spider not a UFO, Bigfoot or Tom Hanks (probably a new PIXAR story here though).

You may ask yourself whether there is any point here and I would really have to say NO there is not other than the fact that I really could not function as a committed Blogger unless I found out what I was looking at here. At least I did not chop the head off and keep it for DNA study as Phylis Canion of Texas did with a reported Chupacabra . All I can say is EW.

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