My Pet Precious  

Thursday, September 6, 2007

This is Tank, Tank is a Italian Greyhound. Yes Tank is fully grown he is about 18 inches high. Of course Mrs Smeag lovably refers to him as PITA ( Pain In The Asphalt). Tank apparently was bite by a large ant or something today, but the Vet gave him a pill and he is OK. You can't help but look at Tank as a Pet Precious because he thinks everyone was simply put on the earth to feed him cheese and scratch his ears. Honestly I think he needs a girlfriend, but Tank has no interest in the female persuasion at all or any persuasion for that matter. Tank appears to be neutral in that are of the birds and the bees. I'm sure the Dr Freud would have to say it had something to do with his mom. Never the less Tank is our precious.

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