Oldest Living Creature Murdered or Baked  

Tuesday, October 30, 2007

It was announced today that British Marine Biologist Discovered the worlds oldest living creature. A 405 yr old ocean quahog was dredged up from the depths of the Artic Ocean north of Iceland. If he was my pet quahog I would have named him Bob so henceforth we will call him Bob. Bob lived out his frigged 405 yr existence 250 feet down and probably never new a warm day in his life when he was suddenly dragged from his home to be sliced open to have his life rings counted (sounds like a Sonic HedgeHog game). The Brit scientist claimed it was in the name of science. I say they are lying and I think it was for a mid afternoon snack. Bob was probably stewed with some potatoes and corn maybe a little Cod for a nice warm chowder or swallowed live to be slowly digested for what may seem like 1000 yrs. The question what could we have learned from Bob if we had kept him alive could we have learned that spending valuable tax payer money on clam counting and maybe on fixing it so they British Health care system would not keep people waiting to get care. Mayor Rudolph W. Giuliani on his new radio add quoted that cancer survival rates in Britain are only 44% in the USA in the 80% range. I hope Bob knows wherever he is that murdered Quahogs go that his dieing was in vain.
Rare Footage of the Artic Quahog Hunt

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