35,000 Eco Warriors And Ozone Don't Mix  

Wednesday, November 28, 2007

I recently read up on the sinking of a cruise liner in the Antartic. At first I gave no thought to this tragic event thinking ships probaly go down all over the world evey day especially when they orginate from 3rd world countries such as this one did. I did however learn that this was no ordinary ship. It is owned by Bruce Poon Tip a well know Eco Warrior and ALgore supporter. My observation is a littel more different than the normal take as you know. I always look to the extreme view of politics and what is really going on. In the article i read it was quoted as saying that tourism in the Antartic region has increased from 6,750 in 1992-93 to 2007 numbers of 35,000. WOW! Talk about a carbon foot print. If you have ever worked around indiviuals that drink coffee you will know that being regualar is not an issue with them. Imagine all those Starbuck lounging Eco Geeks guzziling down gallons of organic coffee in the Antartic to stay warm. My gosh no wonder the ozne layer down there got a hole in it.

On a foot note in our bid to take over the world we can have now annexed Flordia. We have a total of 6 different readers from there. On going deprograming will contiue untill we have all 50 states and at least Puerto Rico.

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