Baking With Brother Smeag  

Wednesday, August 6, 2008

So I want you to use your imagination for a minute and picture the Weekly Priesthood meeting and the Teachers Quorum President gets up to give his weekly report on what they did this past week in the Teachers Quorum. (Pause)

OK FYI here for you Sisters out there this is how it usually goes: Well um this week we um played basketball and um we lost, cuz um Brother Smith um forgot to tell us that um we were playing um instead of um going to the um Temple Ummmm Visitor Center,so um we um all wore church shoes um and um well you just can't jump in those um that's all.

OK Now this is how it will be on Sunday: Well um we went to Brother Smeags for a service project um we thought we going to um move or something but um we got there (uncontrolled laughter) and um he needed us to paint his house um with the stuff um that smelled real bad um (FYI it was KILZ Primer) and um well umm I think we finished, does does anyone remember? Um Um well all I know was that we were all real happy after words and um it smelled real funny(more uncontrolled laughter) um I think we're going back next week and um I think we probably won't remember anything and um be really happy.

THAT'S RIGHT I got the Teachers Quorum good and baked with fumes from KILZ Primer, do you think maybe that's why the call it KILZ. I have to say thos kids gave it there all in those tight airless rooms. Just the way to start out in a new ward. I hope the Bishop isn't a reagular reader.

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