I Have A Chain Saw And I Am Not Afraid To Use It:  

Monday, August 4, 2008

This post is dedicated to my nice elderly neighbor, who mows his law everyday BTW. About 1:30 this afternoon the nice old gentleman rang my door bell. When I saw who it was I thought wow here's my neighbor whom I have only spoken to once in the year we have been here and I really don't know his name maybe he is going to say " Hey Young fellow I see your selling your house, I have this rich grandson that needs a place....etc" but no. What he said was " Have you seen the side of your house today?" ??????HUH???????? (that's me). He escorted me to the side of the house next to his and showed me where one of our beautiful Mesquite trees had been uprooted by winds from the storm that roared into town just as I got home last night.

Normally this would probably be one of those problems I tend to ignore until it goes away. Not this time. I was planning on packing allot today and feeling like I accomplished something but instead according to the gas company rep who came out to look at the tree ( since the previous owners planted it right on top of the gas line) that it would for sure need to come down. So a couple points I need to make here.

  1. I did not have a chain saw this morning.

  2. I do not have a truck (just the incredicar).

  3. NO ONE, yes NO ONE had time to help ( but that's OK).

  4. I have a chain saw now.

  5. I now feel like Paul Bunyan.

  6. They tree is now fire wood.

  7. I found some help to haul off the offending tree. (thank you Elders Quorum)

  8. I still don't have a truck just a chain saw.

Ok so I spent the afternoon cutting down the mesquite. Well enough that any more heavy winds and rain should not knock it down. So the moral of the story is that when Thai crazy old guy from next door comes knocking on the door it's not because he's sad to see you go, nor does he have girl scout cookies that he just wanted to share because he thinks it's time to get to know you after a year. BTW the photo is not of me using the chain saw.

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1 comments: to “ I Have A Chain Saw And I Am Not Afraid To Use It:

  • Amy
    August 4, 2008 at 11:12 PM  

    Good thing you clarified the person in the picture wasn't you...seeing as though it's obviously a woman.

    Just be glad you don't have my old Japanese neighbor that mows his lawn at 7am on Saturdays...UGH! (although anything is better than the RV intercom behind my house in Mesa)

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