Thursday, September 18, 2008

I know I have been AWOL (Away With Out Leave) from the Blog Army but I have been on a secret mission to discover people with a rare disease. Obamanitis, many who suffer from this strange disease laugh out loud at jokes from Joe Bidden, think paying higher taxes stimulates the economy and worse of all that Barrack Hussein Obama has experience. Some early symptoms are watching CNN, MSNBC or other major media out lets (excluding FOXNEWS) and think they make sense. Driving past car dealer ships and thinking if I get a smaller car I will save gas, but the soccer team will have to run to practice. Sudden unexplained cases of Obamanitis should be treated with "liberal" doses of talk radio, FOXNEWS, and most importantly at least 3 hours a week of Rush Limbaugh. In the event that you feel cured from Obamanitis please visit and watch Governor Sarah Palin's GOP convention speech to continue the healing process.

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