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Saturday, November 29, 2008

What would have the late 70's and early '80 been like with out WKRP in Cincinnati. BORING! Nothing but long lines at fuel pumps , bad Brady Bunch episodes and Jimmy Carter in the White house. What would a little chubby smeag look forward to after a day of wearing Corduroy pants and turtle neck way too tight. I started more fires and got more looks than Smokey Bear smoking cigars in a Bikini. My point is that WKRP was a hoot, we talked about it for week until the next episode aired. Some of the best acting ever on television was on WKRP. What brought on this case of nostalgia you ask well a TV station in Cincinnati has changed it's call letters to guesses it WKRP. Fox has the story here.
For those to young to appreciate it here's the gist of it at wikipedia:

-Andy Travis ( Gary Sanders) who brought Rock n' Roll to a sleepy little AM station.
-Arthur Carlson (Gordon Jump) "the Big Guy" who gave us all reason to think our bosses wear as inept as we thought they were.
-Dr. Johnny Fever (Howard Hesseman) who brought "drugged out paranoia" into comedy.
-Les Nessman (Richard Sanders) probably responsible for cubicles.
-Jennifer Marlowe(Loni Anderson) nuff said.
-Herb Tarlek ( Frank Bonner) the reason we don't trust salesmen.
-Venus Flytrap (Tim Reid) who made us all wan't to stay up late.
-Bailey Quarters(Jan Smithers) the Mary and to to Jennifer as Ginger.
-Mrs. Carlson (Carol Bruce) the reason some men still live in their mom's basement.

The best episode that can sum up WKRP in Cincinnati is an Episode entitled "An Explosive Affair". The station has received a bomb threat and Johnny and Venus have been sent out to the transmitter in the country to keep the station on the air. Hilarity ensues.

This clip is a little long but stay with's worth it.

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