Sunday, December 7, 2008

Yesterday was my birthday and since the inevitable question is "How old are you ?" , I will tell you now unless you know me I won't answer other than to say I'm in my late thirties. I know some of you stalkers out there say well that's not very old, but I guarantee every male in there late thirties does some soul searching because around the corner is early forties. recently I have thought allot of my Grandfather who lied about his age at 17 to join the Marines soon and during World War II was at the Battle of Midway.
He never told stories about the Battle it self or about being injured, but about the good men he knew and counted as friends. I often think about him raising his family on a horse ranch outside of Dallas in the 50's and 60's and then in Redondo Beach in the late 60's. I remember Christmas was his favorite time of year he always went out for the grand kids. He even loved tech toys. He had wonderful stereo system that we listened to for hours. Old 45's of Elvis and every other legend of rock & roll. The best thing he had was a old T.V. with a remote control. When I was about 10 Slinky's were big and I would move the Slinky back forth from hand to hand. I figured out I could turn the T.V. off with it. The remote worked on sound frequency instead of light. He also worked nights at a steel factory and would come home early in the morning to Chicken Fried Steak and fresh biscuits and he always had ajar of his favorite cookies. Mothers Brand cookies. We used to sit and sip watered down Folgers (black) coffee and eat cookies while he told us stories. he's been gone 24 or 25 years now and I still can remember him watering his tomatoes and all his plants. He has a great green thumb for a Steel Man.

Today being Pearl Harbor Day I just want to thank all the Grandpa's (Great Great Grandpas now) out there who took time to tell their grandkids stories about the War and their great friends. I don't remember any of the stories but I think there was a greater lesson to learn. It's not what a Hero does that is impotant but what he is remembered for that is.

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  • Amy
    December 8, 2008 at 2:46 PM  

    Happy belated Birthday!

    What a nice tribute post to your grandpa. My grandpa H. also served in WWII and never talked about it. I can only imagine the horrors he saw as he was a sharp shooter on the front lines, fought in the battle of the bulge, etc. I think the greatest thing about him is that he is remembered by everyone (or most everyone) as a kind, generous man that loved everyone, but especially his family & his Heavenly Father. He is my Hero. The world needs more good men like those of our grandparents generation.

  • Ali P.
    December 12, 2008 at 2:31 AM  

    Neat Dave. Cool blog too - love the snow!

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