Sunday, December 28, 2008

A New Year lies ahead and I feel the need to take the lessons I learned over the last year and shove them in a closet. Sometimes you learn lessons that you don't wan to to learn but need to. OK so I learned them, what next. Of all the self help smidgens I have read over the years I have learned this one lesson. Achieving goals is best done in writing. I'm not good at goals because I have a tendency to throw away the paper my goal was writen on. Not that I'm a neat freak I just have a hard time keeping track of paper. I think you should have a few "Un-Realistic"goals as well as realistic ones, that way when you utterly fail at the Un-Realistic goals any failure on the realistic goal will seem minor and won't throw you into a bought of depression lasting until a few days after Christmas 2009 when you have forgotten your 2009 failures and look forward to 2010.

2009 Goals (Un-Realistic)

  • Take over Sweeden and Liberate the opressed Sweedes
  • Run 10 miles non stop, ok just 1
  • Circulate a rumor about our Newly elected President and have it make the evening news
  • Become a hand model for Big Gaudy Men's Rings
  • Fly to the Antarctic and ride an Iceberg all the way to Bermuda(note to self:take a coat)
  • Discover a way for cars to run on salt water (thanks Lil' Smeag)...
  • And finally my last 2009 Un-realistic goal: Give a homeless a guy $5 bucks for lunch have him turn out to be a multi-billionaire who has been looking for good in people and wants to reward me with a fortune(undisclosed amount) and I really give it to the poor because I'm just that type of guy and then another rich guys hears about it on the News and sends me a life long pass to Disneyland for the family.

2009 Realistic Goal:

  • Find Waldo in the "Where's Waldo Books"
  • Write a Book
  • Stop drinking caffinated soda
  • Read my scriptures more
  • Smoke a Brisket
  • Shoot Archery more
  • Not Turn into a Vampire
  • Losse 20 lbs ( and never find it again)
  • Finally the last 2009 realistic goal:Be Happy

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