Dont Worry Be Happy:  

Saturday, January 3, 2009

Every Year at 12 am on Jan 1st everyone screams Happy New Year! But does anyone really try to have a Happy New Year... I think I always last until it's time to clean up from the previous night frivolities. It is so easy to get upset at all the every day to day junk going on this year I have decided to just be happy no matter what happens. I know it's kind of Polyannaish, but I think the Lord wants us to be happy. All the other junk in life is just there to distract us from our true purpose in life. So do things that make you happy. For the cynics out there I'm not talking about running down the street dressed in nothing but your underoos or anything like that but I mean helping others, family,friends, church,hard work (even if you work for morons) , do your best, take your kids to the park, paint a picture (even if you have to use your fingers). Just be happy and do things that will make others happy too.

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