Dear Senator Maverick McCain:  

Thursday, January 29, 2009

Please write you Senators about the 2009 nine Presidential spending plan. Find your Senator here: Here is my letter to Senator McCain, Senator Kyle's contact form seem to be overloaded.

Senator McCain,

Arizona is hopeful for a strong economy once again. As you know for years the Valley of the Sun has been one of the fastest growing Metropolitan areas in the country. The Presidents Stimulus package is not about growth,but about repaying those who got him elected. It is a transparent scheme to redistribute wealth. Arizonians from the founding of the territory to now have worked by the sweat of their brow to scrape a living out of the dessert and The President and the Liberals in Congress have disregarded hard work and American ingenuity for Government Welfare on a grand scale. Please stand with Arizonians and vote No on on such a large transfer of wealth Now is not the time for the Government to borrow more money and give it to those who have not earned it. It's time for Government to let Free thinking Americans turn this country around. People with innovation like the Wright Brothers, Thomas Edison & Henry Ford. None of these great men built up their businesses with taxpayer money but hard work and products that America needed. Senator McCain sometimes the Left has to cross over the isle to the right we can not throw away all our values and cross over to the left all the time.

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