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Tuesday, February 3, 2009

OK Everyone that played "Super Hero" as a Kid raise your hand....not so fast Al Gore we all know you were too busy inventing the Internet to have a imagination that's why you've joined the Global Warming Crowd in your "declining" years. I curious as what your secret Super Hero identity is. I was actually Spider man... a husky pants wearing Spider man, BUT I WAS SPIDER MAN! I also had the coolest Kindergarten playground, we had giant boulders that was out city and one in particular that looked like a super bike.... when you looked at it just right, with your eyes all squinty. Anyways we all have hidden super heroes inside us even one that come out when you least expect it. Lately at work I have spoken with so many people that just say well the economy is bad so I can't do anything financially right now. WHAT?! We are the same individuals that we were prior to this economic poop bomb that went off because basically we have a bunch of people running the country that got D's in Economics 101. Imagine yourself in Los Angeles pre-1849, nothing but rickety buildings, open sewage in the streets and constant flooding from the Los Angeles river. People built that city into what it is today. They did not wait around for someone to "SAVE" them. The Wright Brothers didn't wait for a Government program to turn their Bicycle Shop into a Flying Machine Shop. You ,us,we, them, her,him, and all of us can do what ever we put our minds to. I told someone one time anyone could be President if they wanted it bad enough... I guess I was right, and just because we don't agree doesn't means we have to wait for Barry to tell us what we need to do to fix this mess or any mess in our lives. Don't let life get in the way of you being you and dreaming dreams that no one else sees or understands. They're your dreams and only you can see them through. Uh Oh my Spiddy sense are tingling....

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