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Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Many of you who read this Blog ...Yes we know who you are... don't exactly live with in a days drive from a 3rd world country. Unless some of you count Canada. The southern border states such as Arizona, Texas, New Mexico and California have suffered the brunt of the influx of "Illegal" Immigrants. So many of you say why is that a problem? How would like to live in the a state where your ranked number 4 for auto theft. How about a state that had a 40% increase in abduction for profit...aka Kidnapping. How about wonder whether while sleep at night if someone is going to come crashing through your door. How about wondering if you will be at the Bank when one of over 200 banks are going to be robbed. How would you like to ...until recently wonder if your daughter was going to be assaulted while you went off to work. If this is the kind of oasis you want to live in be my guest move to Arizona and advocate open borders.

I've never been one to blindly follow John McCain simply because he was a war veteran and Arizona's Senior Senator. In recent history he has restricted free speech with his campaign finance bill, sought to restrict gun owner ship, advocated open borders (or ignoring current immigration law). About the only reason 45% of Americans that voted in the Presidential Election voted for him because of his choice in a strong conservative Vice President. Truth be told Senator McCain has largely ignored the people of Arizona in their wishes.

Yesterday Chris Simcox (founder of the Minute Man Project) announced he is running for the Senate seat McCain currently holds on to. While Chris probably wouldn't have been my first choice I have o applaud him for standing up and volunteering to run for office. It will interesting to watch the upcoming debates and what both McCain & Simcox will offer Arizona. Sadly I would have to argue that McCain's expiration date pasted several years ago, insert argument for term limits here.

Stay tuned for further instructions my people.

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