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Saturday, August 11, 2007

Nobody is to be trusted, I know that sounds schizophrenic but I mean it in a good way. For example if you are the head fry guy at a any popular fast food restaurant such as one that rhymes with MCFronalds you have undoubtedly chosen a career path for yourself that will one day lead to glory and riches, however only you can accomplish your job at the time you are scheduled to do that job. In other word don't trust the guy who is assigned to clean the gum of the undersides of the tables and wash down the drive way to make frys for you or do a better job. In this blessed land of the free and home of the braves do as Smokie the Bear says"Only you can prevent forest fires."(unless there caused by nature such as lighting) then you can only prevent yourself from burning to a crisp by running as fast as you can. Back to my point though, glory and riches do not come by "waiting for Sir Hector to shite himself to death" to quote a notable actor. It takes action I say again Do not trust anyone. Well that's what the voices keep telling me, you know the one that sounds like the guy from.... umm never mind.

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