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Sunday, December 16, 2007

I finally found a web site that can teach me how to smoke meat like a pro. Your probably thinking at this time of year how can you think of smoking a pork butt or a brisket. Well one of my most favorite odors in the world is burning wood. I'm not talking Fire Marshall Bill burning I'm talking about that wonderful feeling you get when driving down the road in the winter and you smell something and realize that you have the car's air switched over to outside air not stale recirculated and then it dawns on you what you are smelling and it's a fire. My thoughts go back to my Dad taking my brother and me on Father Son camp outs or The Pilgrim Plantation in Plymouth,MA. Where you turn back the years to learn how the founding fathers of our nation and thoughts and beliefs that started this country. I like to think about that harsh crossing and how those brave souls were caught in a early season winter storm (somewhat like we just had) and ended up hundreds of miles away from where they were headed Virginia. Only to land on the desolate shores of Cape Cod at Province Town with nothing in sight but sand dunes.A glimpse across the bay however shows you a more promising site. Plymouth Harbor is a deep peaceful bay with plenty of fresh water, fish, game and fertile soil. Next time you want to discover your heritage go camping with nothing but a sleeping bag, food, matches and a frying pan. Make up some Johnny Cakes and swig some spring water. It's the American way!

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