Dust Is My Nemesis!  

Saturday, April 12, 2008

OK you may think a small thing like dust is not such a big thing, and you would be right it is a horrible micro particle able to crawl into every crevice of my sinus and wreck more havoc than a two year old with a PB&J on a white carpet. I won't go int o all the gross nasal details but suffice it to say my sinus are locked up tighter than Fort Knox. Your new best friend is a box of tissues because with all this stuffed upedness comes sudden unexpected floods of well... you know I said i would not go into detail and her I am. So to change this into politics (nice segway huh?)the EPA for years has blamed car emissions here in the Valley of the Sun for air born particulates that cause ground level ozone. Pause for scary Scooby Doo music. However any Idiot (I mean EPA Government Bureaucrat) only has to look out the window and see that we live in a DESERT and there is allot,sand,dust everywhere. I just cleaned out my Mother In Laws garage for to sell off all her worldly goods (much needed) and discovered piles of dust in the corners of her enclosed garage. This has been a two week project culminating in much groaning from assorted aches,pains and nasal congestion(here I go again) by myself, the Lovely and talented Mrs. Smeag for all our hard charitable work. I digress,Dust is every where and with the Valley being the retirement capital of the Southwest there are hundreds of thousands of Old men with brooms every where stirring up the DUST (Enter the Old Man from the Light House). The EPA need not look any farther than retirement communities,mobile home parks and assorted "second"homes across Arizona to find the cause of low level ozone. OLD MEN that's right old guys always have broom to chase away kids on skateboard, bike, roller blades, scooter and an occasional pair of cats that have found "True Love". Blame the Old Guys I say for now and then when I'm an old guy with a broom I say blame the nuclear jet powered hover bikes that (AHHHHCHOOO) stir up dust from the side of the road. Now I know how Superman feels.

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