Help! I've Fallen Into A Volcano And I Can't Get Up!  

Sunday, April 13, 2008


(thanks to Northwest News Channel 8)

I found this Article on The Drudge Report this morning since the whole sleeping in idea was vetoed by my sinuses this morning (see Dust Is My Nemesis! ). I would have laughed out loud and rolled on the floor in glee when reading this story in any normal situation but it is Sunday I am feeling charitable. How sad that this guy fell into Mt Saint Helen and had to be rescued I mean that's almost as bad as falling down in the the shower and not being able to get dressed before the Fire Department gets there to scoop you up off the floor. What's this guy going to tell his wife "Hey sweety, love of my life, my sweet apple blossom, I know I told you I would only be a couple hours while me and the guys drove around the volcano,but something funny happened..." and so on. From now on he will always be know as "that guy who fell into the volcano". I do really feel bad for the guy I looked at the web site for the Mt Saint Helens gift shop and I could not find a T-shirt that said " I feel into Mt.Saint Helens and all I got was this lousy T-shirt". They don't even make them, let alone in my size (but let's not go down that road) becasue I would buy one in a heart beat. In short I just want you my friends and fellow Americans to realize that Friends Don't Let Friends Fall Into Volcano's.


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